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What's in that bag? Why it's UFO #2!

Yup, another project on the needles that is now identified as unfinished object(UFO) #2. I pulled it out and would you believe the back and two fronts are complete! Just waiting on sleeves, collar and some hidden pockets. Key here is that when I took it out of the bag, I feel in love again with the design. It is a cable design using Heidi's 2ply home grown wool (Bragg Creek, Alberta). Wool and a solid colour really shows these cables well.

This one is a keeper so it is on my Move it Forward (MIF) list. So now I have two projects jumping up and down in wait for Monday! Yippee!

This project has been on the needles for a long while (+5 years) and I wonder why it just didn't have longevity of attention? Anyways, I had to go back to piece together what I did. Thankfully at the time I was writing a daily diary of sorts, so knitting information mixed in with ideas, things going on at the moment, thoughts, you know stuff that would be put in daily diary. The thing is, it is not ideal for writing down what you did with a project. To go back means you have to sift through the diary to find tidbits of information related to that particular project, and if you have many projects on the go (yes, you do) then it does become a bit of task. The good news is at least you have some breadcrumbs to piece it all together and you have the physical work to look at see what you did. For example: It is easy to look at the armhole shaping and see that you did a 4, 3, 2, 1x4 reduction.

I am happy that I moved to a file format with journal entries to keep track of my projects, much better. You can still capture ideas but maybe you want to capture those in an idea file.

Enjoy moving it forward...

Carol :)

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