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The Shawl that Started it All

Just recently I had the opportunity to reminisce about Nature's Knit-ch's true beginnings. This was prompted by wanting to finish a lace poncho...let me explain.

Sometimes you finish a project but it really isn't finished. In the back of your mind the design is not quite right. I find I wait and let it percolate until something comes. And it generally does. It just so happens that this shawl built a decade ago was the exact colour need to complete a mohair wool lace poncho. So what do you do? Well, what can be knit can be taken apart, so I unraveled a portion of this 6 ft. shawl/scarf and knit up a beautiful lace edging for the poncho. Then I went back and added back the beads and finished up the shawl, just a little shorter, but just as beautiful.

This shawl was made from my first purchase of yarn from a local BC producer - Eastwin Farms, Duncan, BC. I can remember my first encounter vividly; arriving at the farm and passing by the mohair goats to get to the house. I was shocked that their eyes weren't like ours but an irregular shaped iris. Odd to be sure. So how did I find this producer?

I found Eastwin Farms product in a trip to the Loom off the island highway in Duncan ( I just checked it out on the web and its still there!) At that time, it was a small store but it was packed literally from the floor to the rafters with yarns from everywhere. But I didn't want everywhere, I wanted local and Canadian. So when you get a chance to shop in these stores, ask about locally produced yarns. I know there is more now than 10 years ago and I am thankful for that. It is still my preference today to create a design using locally sourced fibres and that likely will never change.

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