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Persistence Pays Off - Ice Princess

So here's a happy ending! As the creator of your own designs there is nothing to stop you from ending a project, putting it on hold or just never completing it. I believe some things we start to create and never do finish are meant to teach us. The journey in to this point is valuable. An example: 4 years ago I feel in love with a light grey lopi and envisioned a caplet with collar and contrasting trim (purple grey white mohair wool). I did complete it but it wasn't right. The collar was much too big and took up almost all of the single skein I had, the button band and buttons were chunky and clunky. I didn't have enough to trim the caplet properly. Clearly, I must have been in a hurry with the design and I actually showed it at Fibre week the following year. Yikes! Certainly not in keeping with image that I want to portray: Knit Something Beautiful. Anyways, it ended up tucked away until two weeks ago.

I was writing up some of my projects (ponchos, stoles) and thought again about Ice Princess. The vision was still very real, I just had to spend some time figuring out how to shape the shoulders. Best to learn from others and I turned to my trusted knitting books to learn a few things. So Ann Budd of Interweave Knits is my teacher. She builds her caplet with raglan shaping and so I figure out how I too can use the same technique. Then I layer on a double seed stitch pattern (5st repeat) and I am determined to master this. Well, it works out but the tricky bit is finessing the pattern when you are increasing two stitches at each of the 4 raglan shaping points. The gift here is if you are an experienced knitter you can wing it a bit (I know you think this is outrageous to say this but...) and look further along the pattern repeat, work backwards to figure out whether the M1L or M1R should be a purl or knit. Key is to try to be consistent with the pattern so the eye does not call it out as an error (perception is everything you know). So, here is the rework of Ice Princess as I originally envisioned with a better understanding of shoulder shaping. It is knit top down, all that remains of the first attempt was the partial collar that I made into a standup collar. I am delighted with this finish and learned another way in the process.

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