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I love familiar constant for life today.

Even more so today, my knitting brings me a retreat to that familiar place where nothing has changed. You know what I am talking about. Each project in my hands is merely a jumping off point to another and another. Somedays I think I may be buried in ideas. You would laugh at all the piles of projects that I have started, but I do complete some, as evidenced by the 49 patterns I have created by my hand. These are a part of me, who I am. I cannot tell you how rewarding it is to have people come up to your booth at a fibre show to tell you how much they love a design or the hearts/queues on Ravelry and my patterns new web home at Can I inspire you to knit something beautiful? The greatest compliment would be to take one of my designs and make it yours - a jumping off point to your vision.

We will learn to cope with COVID-19. I continue to create during this time of adversity with a much greater gratitude for the calm escape and soothing click of the needles. I keep lighting the fires of creativity through my knitting, challenging myself to explore new techniques or play with a new design. It is a freedom like no other. Won't you come and play?

Carol :)

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