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Capture Your Efforts

As I mentioned in my last post, we need to find a way to capture that we touched our yarn, kinda like leaving bread crumbs so we know how to get back there. My project involves a repeating pattern over 4 rows. So in order to make it easier to get back on track, I have chosen to always finish on the 4th row. That way I do not have to decipher the point at which I left off.

How to capture...I am old-school I guess - give me a pen and a pad of graph paper and we are good to go. I use files folders for all of my projects because they can travel with the project, even if its back into the stash pile! I date the entry where I left off and say hey I moved it forward. It is also an opportunity to capture those ideas that you might want to try that you thought about while you were knitting. Maybe you also count the number of stitches you have on the needle to confirm you did those lace row correctly. Capture that too!

There is also a project capture section on Ravelry that you can use as well. Why not try it?

Key is to date your entry. Be specific about what you did with the project - so you might be completing the armhole shaping so say cast off 3 sts, then 2 sts and then 1st 5 times. If you are specific it will help if you have to repeat it (so what did I do for the left front again...) or for writing up your pattern based on the size you are making.

Okay, write it down and enjoy the journey!

Carol :)

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