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Your feedback is very important to us. On occasion we don't get it exactly right on a pattern or we haven't explained it clearly enough. Please don't hesitate to contact us because we will fix it. Please see below for errata discovered by our customers. Many thanks for letting us know.

Pattern Insights or Errata 
Alpaca Lopi Lace Pullover.JPG

Alpaca Lopi Lace Pullover

Date 05/07: An error has been discovered in this pattern. The yarn quantity listed is incorrect and quantity for sizes is missing. Yarn quantities should be: 7(8, 9, 10, 11) skeins for sizes XS(S, M, L, XL). Many thanks to Allison for bringing this to my attention.

Swizzle Stick Suri

Date 11/22: An error has been discovered in this pattern. Cast on 90st. When completing the chart do the following: Complete the first set of 4sts, then complete the repeat of 10st-8 times, end with the first set of 4sts, followed by the last 2 sts of the chart (90st). Many thanks to Louise for this feedback.

2010 - present
2010 - present

Alpaca Beautie Lopi Lace Shawl

Date 03/10: More information about this pattern. This pattern is worked side to side (tip to tip) beginning at the left edge of the shawl. Additions of a 9st lace repeat creates the shawl length. Once 7 lace repeats are completed, this set is repeated twice more for the centre back width (3 sets of 7 lace repeats), then you are ready to decrease to complete the right side of the shawl. Many thanks to Lucy for her questions. Side to side construction is unusual for a shawl but you will be so pleased with the results!

Alpaca Merino Lopi Legwarmers

Date 11/15: More information about this pattern. This pattern was originally designed with TnC lopi. I have substituted 2 skeins of hand-dyed Twisted Sisters lopi for the kit. Make sure you have the gauge specified. It might mean moving up to a 5.0mm needle to achieve the 17 st in 4 in. Otherwise you may run out of yarn! 

Cuddle Up Alpaca Cardi

Date 10/20: An error has been discovered in this pattern. The pattern repeat as printed is a 10+1 not 10+2. Sizing should be adjusted accordingly to correct this. You will still slip the first stitch of every row and knit the last stitch of every row to create the frame. If you purchased this pattern at a show and need the updated version please contact me through the contact page.