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Fall can be a tough time. We have enjoyed the summer heat and the fruits of our labours; now we busy ourselves with preparing for the next season, a transition period if you will. (But don't forget to stop and look around at all the beautiful colours set before us.)

For me and Nature's Knit-ch, its a time of new beginnings and reinvention. We are officially 10 years in business selling knitting kits. I have always trusted that I would ramp up this business and expand my reach to all the great knitters in the world. I kept saying someday...well, that someday has come! My new mantra is Why not now? (What on earth are you waiting for Carol?)

So, join me on this journey won't you?

We are celebrating our 10th year anniversary with an online sale of selected knitting kits (Coupon Code: OCTSAVE30) for the month of October. Inventory must go to make way for all of the new designs that we will be sharing over the next few months. This comes at a great time as we are staying in our bubbles and the weather is definitely sweater season! Perhaps a new project to get the creative juices flowing or a gift for a near and dear knitting friend. Either way, your purchase supports a Canadian owned and run business. I want to thank you for supporting and inspiring me to do what I do. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Knitting!

Best always and stay safe.

Carol :)

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  • naturesknitch

So wonderful, this time of year when the cool mornings give way to warm afternoons. But there is just enough breeze to don that beautiful sweater.

I am please to announce that I now have a shopping cart with Big Cartel I put a selection of favorite kits to purchase here. These are limited edition kits as you know many of my suppliers create in small batches so I can't be guaranteed of finding the yarn again. I guess that is what makes these so special - one of a kind. Since I cannot go to shows this year, your online purchase is so important to me. Enjoy the journey and feel free to contact me for pictures of the yarn colours, shipping details, etc. @ Happy Knitting!


Even more so today, my knitting brings me a retreat to that familiar place where nothing has changed. You know what I am talking about. Each project in my hands is merely a jumping off point to another and another. Somedays I think I may be buried in ideas. You would laugh at all the piles of projects that I have started, but I do complete some, as evidenced by the 49 patterns I have created by my hand. These are a part of me, who I am. I cannot tell you how rewarding it is to have people come up to your booth at a fibre show to tell you how much they love a design or the hearts/queues on Ravelry and my patterns new web home at Can I inspire you to knit something beautiful? The greatest compliment would be to take one of my designs and make it yours - a jumping off point to your vision.

We will learn to cope with COVID-19. I continue to create during this time of adversity with a much greater gratitude for the calm escape and soothing click of the needles. I keep lighting the fires of creativity through my knitting, challenging myself to explore new techniques or play with a new design. It is a freedom like no other. Won't you come and play?

Carol :)

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