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Our mission is to share the wonders of nature's beauty through the design and production of original knitting patterns and Knit-Ready kits. By using local and globally produced natural fibres such as wool, mohair, alpaca, hemp, silk and organic cotton; our designs capture the natural beauty around us to deliver to our customers a true resource of nature. Our customers gain the personal satisfaction of creating their own fashion and supporting a local, sustainable industry.

Our Mission

"The simple act of purchasing locally produced yarns has an immediate economic impact. It supports the infrastructure necessary to sustain a lively, local agricultural community: A veterinarian, a feed store, farms that grow hay, a spinnery, a regional sheep festival. Knitters not only have the pleasure of working with one-of-a-kind yarns, they also know they are contributing to sustaining a way of life -truly patrons of the arts and agriculture. Everybody wins."

Margaret Klein Wilson

Mostly Merino

(excerpt from the book The Natural Knitter by Barbara Albright)

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